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Irony, a .NET Language Implementation Kit can be used for many tasks. I stumbled into it in its use as a grammar parser used in conjunction with SQL Full Text searches from an article by Michael Cole on SQL Server Central. There's a link to the article on link above; look for "A Google-like Full Text Search"
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SQL Server Central

SQL Server Central is great site for all things SQL Sever. Tip, tricks, informative blog posts. The Swiss Army knife of SQL sites.
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SQL Skills

This site is dedicated to providing helpful content, resource links, conference scripts, and all sorts of tips and tricks related to Microsoft® SQL Server®. For certain content, you must be a subscriber.The SQL Skills team is made up of; Kimberly Tripp, Paul S. Randal, Bob Beaucheim and Stacia Misner. This is a very solid team of talented and dedicated SQL people. They give create presentations too.
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