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Have you ever visited a site, found it interesting or that it has some tidbit of information you later wanted, but then, when you went back to find it you couldn't? Me too.

When I took to bookmarking the sites I invariably found that I'd bookmarked them on a different computer than the one I was currently in front of. To solve that problem I decided to create my bookmarks here where they would always be availble to me; and to you too.


If you've done much with CSS you know that it violates the DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle. You also know that it doesn't support variables, nested rules and other common programming needs. This is where .less comes in, it's a dll you add to your .NET project to enable dynamic CSS.
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4 Guys from Rolla

The 4 Guys from Rolla site has been around for a long time providing all kinds of good information on a wide variety of .NET topics with a focus on web development. A good place to check in on occasionally or follow up on if they are ever returned in a Google or Bing search.
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ASP.NET forums

This is a good place to check for answers to question you may have. It's an active community of developers helping each other.
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Lots of marketingspeak with an impressive gamut of expert advice on many avenues of web marketing, not just SEO.
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Code Smith 2.6

CodeSmith is a software development tool to help you get your job done faster. Technically speaking it is a template driven source code generator that automates the creation of common application source code for any language (C#, Java, VB, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, etc.). There are several templates included with the download. The template language is similar to asp so if you've every worked with asp you shouldn't have any trouble modifying or creating templates for your specific needs.
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Dot Net Curry

Dot Net Curry is the web site for Suprotim Agarwal and Minal Agarwal. Suprotim is a Micrsoft MVP. This site is dedicated to the full range of Microsoft development tools. Another good resource to consider when you need an answer to a vexing problem
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FCK & CK HTML Text Editors

FCK and the newer CK HTML text editors are highly regarded. They bring the look and feel of MS Word to a web page. Written in java script it is lightweight, open source and free. There are third party plug ins to add additional functionality. There are even a few blog posts on this site about installing and configuring the FCK version; and adding a syntax highlighting plug-in to FCK. Take a look.
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Filezilla - FTP Client

For those times you need to use an FTP client, this is a very good one to use. I've used Fiezilla for years with complete satisfaction. If this recommendation isn't enough, maybe the free price will persuade you to try it out.
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Full Text search

Irony, a .NET Language Implementation Kit can be used for many tasks. I stumbled into it in its use as a grammar parser used in conjunction with SQL Full Text searches from an article by Michael Cole on SQL Server Central. There's a link to the article on link above; look for "A Google-like Full Text Search"
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Google Analytics

Improve your online results. Learn more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site. You'll get the information you need to write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting websites. If you aren't using Google Analytics on your site(s) you should be, it's easy, it's free and it provides a wealth of information for you to use in improving your site based on who is visiting and how they found your site. This is a must have addition to your site.
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